A Guide to Cookie Genetics: Animal Cookies and More

by Jessica
cannabis flower on a scientific beaker

The decriminalization, medicalization, and legalization of cannabis in recent years has led to a proliferation of cannabis products on the marketplace. With hundreds of new strains popping up all the time, few make their way to the top to capture the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs.  But one strain — cookies - has done just that. Spawning dozens of genetic children, including animal cookies and girl scout cookies, here is a guide to the cookies strain.

The Cookie Genetics Origin Story

[caption id="attachment_9955" align="alignright" width="318"]girl scout cookies strain One of the many world-famous cookies strains: Girl Scout Cookies[/caption]

The genesis of cookie genetics occurred in 2010 in San Francisco’s Sunset District. That year, two aficionados of the burgeoning medical cannabis industry in the Bay Area, Gilbert Anthony Milam, Jr. (aka Berner), and Jai (Jigga), put their refined cannabis knowledge to work.

For Jigga, cannabis cultivation was something that ran in the family; he was taught the fundamentals by his mother. Jigga also read everything he could as he developed his green thumb. Thus, the OG – original geneticist – of Cookie Genetics was minted. 

Jigga paired up with Berner, who helms the business side of Cookie Genetics and keeps the ship running smoothly. Together, the duo grew the strain cookie out with the help of partner brands known as the Cookie Fam.

Important members of the Cookie Fam, whose knowledge, know-how, and support have helped cookie genetics flourish, are Seed Junky Genetics and Powerzzzup Genetics. Lemonnade, Runtz, Minntz, and Grandiflora Genetics are also part of this illustrious crew.

Popular Cookie Cannabis Strains: Animal Cookies & More

Of the many high-end cannabis strains that cookie blends into, some stand out for their widespread popularity and top-notch quality. Don’t be surprised, then, if you’ve already heard of a few.

Animal Cookies

So named for its sweet but balanced flavor reminiscent of the animal cookies you used to eat as a child, Animal Cookies is a classic cookie genetics strain. This hybrid was created by combining two strains famous in their own right, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Fire OG.

Known for inducing a high that pervades your entire body, Animal Cookies is no slouch when it comes to potency, giving any cannabis connoisseur a memorable experience. The blend is especially effective at remedying conditions like insomnia and easing heavy pain.

Want to try some Animal Cookies for yourself? Look no further than Alien Labs Live Resin Vape. It’s both portable and disposable.

Pink Cookies

Also known as Wedding Cake, Pink Cookies is a sweet yet spicy hybrid cannabis strain that’s made from GSC and Cherry Pie. It is an indica-forward blend that will remind you of wedding cake with cherry and lemon filling. No wonder it’s popular for its delicious aroma.

However, flavor isn’t the only thing that Pink Cookies has going for it. The THC-heavy strain will simultaneously calm you down while filling you with intense happiness. Pink Cookies is also good for stimulating your appetite, quelling insomnia, and easing pain.

For a true Pink Cookies experience, try Lost Farm Raspberry Vegan Gummies. These delicious edibles highlight the fruity aroma of the strain.

Thin Mint Cookies

Named for one of the most popular Girl Scout Cookie flavors out there, Thin Mint Cookies has an aroma that will transport you to your cookie-selling days with its dank, sweet mint flavor profile. This blend summons the sativa, indica, and hybrid strains that comprise its ancestry.

As with many cookie genetics strains, Thin Mint Cookies is not for the faint of heart, with its intense psychoactive properties. However, if that’s your jam, you will not be disappointed. Medicinal impacts may include relief of nausea, insomnia, swelling, pain, and more.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find this cannabis near me,” we recommend Reggies Thin Mint Flower. Sometimes keeping it simple is best when the flavor is so on point.

Tropicana Cookies

Last on our brief list of famous cookie genetics strains is Tropicana Cookies, or Tropicanna Cookies. As you might expect from the name, this blend has a strong citrus flavor profile, not unlike a tall glass of orange juice. Its parent strains are GSC and Tangie.

If you’re seeking a high that will have you grinning but feeling grounded and chill at the same time, while melting your stress away and permeating your entire body, Tropicana Cookies is the blend for you. Chances are it will also stimulate your appetite, relieve any nausea, and calm any lingering pain.

A great way to enjoy Tropicana Cookies is via a Jeeter Infused PreRoll. Combining both flower and distillate oil, this preroll excels in potency and flavor.

Can I Find This Cannabis Near Me? You Bet!

Thanks to the popularity of these classic Cookie strains, there’s a good chance you can find them in your neighborhood. And if not, have you every considered a cookie cannabis delivery? Once you’ve experienced these blends for yourselves, chances are you’ll become a regular patron of the renowned cookies cultivar.