A Jetty Extracts Review: An Unforgettable OG Vape Brand 

by Jessica
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With its unique solventless extraction technique and super cool SoCal vintage-surfer-loving packaging, Jetty Extracts looks like it belongs on the very high end of cannabis products.. The company’s weed has become a firm favorite, even among jaded buyers. 

But does Jetty Extracts and its collection of pot live up to all the hype? 

Origin Story: Jetty Extracts 

Jetty Extracts was established in San Diego in 2013 by Ron, Matt, and Nate, three surfers who know what they love to smoke. The founders wanted to “do cannabis right” and remove harmful additives from vapes. 

Jetty Extracts uses the Supercritical Fluid Extraction (or CO2 extraction) method to produce a safer and cleaner product than those extracted using solvents like butane. 

Consumers love this brand for its solvent-free extracts. Other flagship products include: 

  • The Dablicator (a direct-dabbing tool you fill with CO2 wax concentrate) 
  • Pure CBD oil 
  • Jetty Gold CO2 oil cartridge
  • Jetty Pure CO2 oil cartridge 

The company has become one of California’s favorite marijuana brands. Jetty Extracts carefully crafts it's cannabis products with real cannabis terpenes and that are free of chemicals, pesticides, and fillers. 

A year after the company was created, the founders launched the Jetty Shelter Project, an initiative to provide cancer patients with medicinal cannabis oil for free. Jetty Extracts donates one percent of its gross revenue to the project, which is also backed by volunteers and donations. 

All the Jetty Extracts packaging looks vintage, with a retro Americana and SoCal vibe. The products also look detailed, high-end, and fancy and like they belong as part of a collection, especially when you compare Jetty to the minimal packaging of most other brands. 

All the Jetty Extracts Collections 

Jetty Solventless Vape 

Jetty states that their solventless vape is the cleanest and most potent of its kind, with the best flavor. They make these vapes from  live rosin, using ice, water, heat, and pressure—which means no solvents or chemicals. 

The result? A vape that delivers consistent flavor from your first hit to the last.

Jetty UNREFINED Live Resin 

[caption id="attachment_5425" align="alignright" width="391"]jetty extracts cannabis oils Pure gold, the live resin products you've been waiting for.[/caption]

Jetty’s UNREFINED live resin is cryo-extracted or flash-frozen, so all the compounds, terps, and cannabinoids in the living plants can contribute to the strain’s flavor profile and the powerful entourage effect. 

The entourage effect is a theory stating that the various compounds in a cannabis plant work together to create unique effects. 

Jetty High THC

The Jetty High THC cartridge oils are highly potent and made using a variety of legendary Jetty cannabis strains. They triple-test the oils, ensuring premium quality. 

Use the wood-tipped High THC cartridge with any 510-thread battery. 

PAX Era Pods

The brand also sells handcrafted Jetty strain oils in pods that are only compatible with PAX Era devices — compact, sleek, portable vaporizers that put the “smart” into vaping since you can connect them to the PAX mobile app, giving you more functionality and choice.

The PAX Era vaporizer needs a pre-filled pod to remove the mess and prep so you can enjoy your concentration from the get-go.  

Jetty Infused Pre-Rolls 

The Jetty Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls combine specially curated cannabis oil and flower pairings in a live resin to celebrate the unique strain’s potency and flavor. 

Jetty Concentrates

The company offers various small-batch concentrates (live badder, live sugar, live diamonds and sauce, and live rosin).

Dablicator Oil Applicator

Jetty Extracts created the Dablicator Oil Applicator to help you better dispense your concentrate of choice, whether you dab, dose up a flower, or seal a joint. 


Jetty’s Reserve collection is innovative and experimental as the team pushes the boundaries in crafting concentrates.

Jetty Merch 

Because, why not? Jetty Extracts sells merch like Ts, beanies, hoodies, backpacks, tanks, and sweatshirts, so you can match the brand 100 percent. 

Our Favorite Jetty Products 

1. Jetty Extracts UNREFINED Live Resin Vape Cartridge Blue Dream 

The Jetty Extracts UNREFINED Live Resin Vape Cartridge in Blue Dream puts a whole new experience on the Blue Dream strain. With minimal processing, you can enjoy the sativa-dominant terp and cannabinoid profile — imagine dark berry flavors that pop and a euphoric but clear-headed high. 

2. Jetty Extracts Vape Cartridge Pineapple Express 

This vape cartridge from Jetty Extracts features the classic sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is Pineapple Express. With pineapple and mango flavors that mellow a bit, you’ll be hit with a creative yet energetic high to help you get through your day. 

3. Jerry Extracts Vape Cartridge — Maui Wowie

Another sativa-dominant favorite is the Maui Wowie vape cartridge. It’s loved for its mellow but upbeat high that leaves you clear-minded so you can still focus on what you need to do. Enjoy the tropical taste, reminiscent of Maui. 

4. Jerry Extracts Vape Cartridge Tangie

DNA Genetics bred the sativa-dominant Tangie strain, a California Orange and Skunk #1 cross. International award-winning Tangie has strong citrus notes. You can expect a heady high that’s stimulating and stress-relieving.

Get High With One of Cali's OG Brands: Jetty Extracts

One thing’s for sure: If you want solventless cannabis that’s purer, more flavorful and aromatic, and gives you a more potent high, then the selection of Jetty Extracts products should be on your must-try list.