Best Selling Weed in 2022 in San Francisco

by Jessica
Street in San Francisco with street cars.

San Francisco is an extremely desirable place to live, which explains why the cost of housing is so high! Fortunately, you can find cannabis delivery in San Francisco to ease your mind, which won’t break the bank like your rent check will. 

Still, San Francisco has perfect weather, a creative diverse population, and some of the best food in the world. Maybe it’s those high standards combined with the cost of living that’s shaped our list of the best selling cannabis products of 2022 in the city by the bay.

10 Best Sellers in San Francisco

Residents have made it clear what they love the most when it comes to cannabis in general and cannabis delivery in San Francisco. That includes sativas, vapes, and edible gummies for the  price-conscious consumer – sounds about right! Here are our top 10 picks.

1. Absolute Xtracts

Absolute Xtracts is well-known for manufacturing top-of-the-line cannabis oil that’s high in THC. It makes sense, then, that they made the list of 2022’s best selling cannabis products. In fact, two of their offerings scored especially high on this list.

Both their Strawberry Vegan Gummies and their Key Lime Vegan Gummies continue to keep folks coming back for more. Both contain a hybrid strain of cannabis, which will transport you to either a strawberry field or the tropics, respectively. 

2. Americana

[caption id="attachment_9971" align="alignright" width="442"]Americana's vapes A longstanding and flavorful vape favorite in San Francisco[/caption]

Americana’s approach to the custom cannabis products they create is twofold: make them high-quality, and make sure that plenty of folks can afford them. No wonder their business model has proven successful.

Two of their vapes have been extremely popular in 2022: both the Green Crack Vape and the Ghost Train Haze Vape. The former is a bright sativa inspired by legend Snoop Dogg, and the latter is a heavy-hitter that inspires creativity in low doses but is super intense at high doses.


Known for their commitment to perfection, STIIZY launched in 2017. It's their intention to bring painstakingly crafted creations to the cannabis market. And while the brand is known for manufacturing several different products, it’s their pods that are a hit in San Francisco.

Two fruity pods from STIIIZY grace this list, and they are Strawberry Cough and Watermelon Z, a sativa and an indica. The first will fill you with gusto and energy, while the second is sure to provide the perfect amount of relaxation for daydreaming.

4. Kanha  

Kanha is here to do one thing and one thing only. They have created the best-flavored cannabis gummies that taste amazing and deliver the perfect high. These treats are crafted with the intention of delivering, especially to you, simple joy in your day-to-day life.

Just as ebony and ivory go together, so too do Kanha’s Cherry Gummies and Mango Gummies. With the cherry flavor comes an active and invigorating sativa high, and with mango comes a sleep-inducing indica calm.

5. Camino by KIVA 

[caption id="attachment_9972" align="alignright" width="447"]Kanha Cannabis infused edibles What flavor will you choose? Kanha is an affordable edible option.[/caption]

Last but certainly not least on our list is Camino by KIVA, a brand that excels when it comes to creating delicious edible gummies that deliver the perfect dose every time. Their artisans work painstakingly to create cute and curated treats for discerning consumers.

Residents of San Francisco have shown their love especially for Midnight Blueberry Camino Gummies, the antidote for anyone dealing with insomnia. Infused with lavender and chamomile along with cannabis, these indica gummies will have you sleeping in peace in no time.

6. Jetty Extracts 

Jetty Extracts were at the forefront of cannabis consumption when they debuted their vape in 2013. This was before vape technology was for sale at cannabis dispensaries across the nation. In short, they know what they are doing and do it well.

That’s likely why one of the best selling cannabis products in the city by the bay, including those you can order via cannabis delivery in San Francisco, is their Alien OG Vape. It’s a heavy-hitting and OG weed strain, sure to bring all kinds of buzz to your brain as you soak it all in.

Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco

Folks who opt to get cannabis delivery in San Francisco have spoken: These are their favorite products in 2022. Given the high quality of the cannabis and the delicious taste of each offering, literally no one is surprised by these choices. Enjoy!