How To Buy A Good Quality Bong

by greenrush
good quality bong

Buying a good quality bong is arguably as important as buying a car. You’re looking for something that’s going to really get you there. Yes, this important device is what’s going to deliver precious buds into your lungs. So we implore you - make wise choices! When it comes to buying a bong, knowledge is power! The worst thing to do is show up at a car dealership without knowing anything about what you want or how cars work and driving home with a lemon. You can’t smoke weed out of a lemon, can you? Well, you can, but it’s not as nice as a bong.


Whether you’re buying a bong for the first time (we’re so proud) or you kind of screwed up the first time and are seeking some advice, don’t worry. We got you. Don’t let the big ‘ol world of bongs freak you out. This is how to buy a good quality bong.


Glass or ceramic, not plastic!

good quality bong

The biggest rule of thumb is don’t be super cheap about things. If you can’t afford a glass bong just yet, save up for a little bit longer and buy yourself the real deal. You can smoke joints for a couple more weeks, right? Why is plastic so tempting for bong shoppers? Because it’s really cheap to buy a plastic bong. But you’re not in for a good quality smoke if you do. That’s just about the worst quality material you can buy for smoking paraphernalia.


The best material to choose is glass or ceramic. Now, if you’re going to be traveling around with your bong, you’ll have to be extra careful with these materials. They break easily. Some use this as an excuse to buy plastic, but we’re looking for quality here so it’s time to ditch the plastic.


Ceramic is generally more delicate than glass unless it’s thin glass. However, there are bongs on the market these days which feature thicker glass. They are a bit more expensive but are sturdy bongs in case you’re a bit clumsy when it comes to breakable materials.


Single or double chamber?

good quality bong

The chamber is the filtration part of your bong. In a regular bong, there is just one chamber that you put water into - or even ice - to cool down the smoke before inhalation. To be honest, a double chamber does not necessarily make it a better quality bong. However, for the sake of filtration and an icy cold inhale, two chambers can work much better.


Some double chambers are made up of a water chamber and an ice chamber. This allows your smoke to be filtered through water and then through ice. In others, you can use water in both chambers.


Bongs with more than a single chamber are also usually more expensive. But don’t worry. If you miss out on the second chamber, you’re not necessarily sacrificing a really good smoke.



good quality bong

Until now, we’ve been talking about bongs that are made specifically for smoking dry herbs. For using concentrates, most people will buy a dabbing rig. But two devices? That’s even harder to conceal in your bedroom and extra money to spend. If you make good choices when buying a bong, you’ll never have to buy a dabbing rig.


Most bongs have a stem attached with a removable cone piece. Some come with the option of removing the stem. If it does, then you can always buy a stem that has a cone piece attached to it for dabbing. And you can interchange them on the same bubbler for versatility. This means just buying a new stem and a blowtorch rather than buying a whole new bubbler.


Keep a good quality bong a good quality bong!


Once you’ve made the decision on the bong you’ve chosen to buy, you want to keep it the same quality as when you bought it! This is where a lot of bong owners don’t really put in the work. If you want it to smoke like the day you bought it, you gotta put some work into keeping it clean and functional.


If you’ve chosen a multi-chamber bong, cleaning is going to be a bit harder. There will be more than one chamber to look after. If you’ve chosen a bong that has a removable stem, all you have to do is soak the stems in rubbing alcohol.


Always keep your bongs empty - don’t leave them lying around with dirty bong water inside. This is a sure way to make your bong look and taste old before it actually is. Clean them regularly and only smoke the dankest weed in them! Happy smoking!


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