Cannabis Dabbing: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

by greenrush
cannabis dabbing

As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the United States, public opinion is increasingly supportive of cannabis consumption for both medical and recreational use. As weed has become more mainstream, cannabis dabbing has emerged as a growing trend among the cannabis community. If you’re new to marijuana, the art of dabs may even seem difficult to understand. Here’s everything you need to know about dabbing.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a popular method by which to obtain the medical benefits of cannabis in higher concentrations. The process of dabbing uses cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, rosin, distillate, oil, and hash. These cannabis ‘dabs’ are more potent than traditional cannabis flower, with THC levels ranging anywhere from 60% to 90%.

Dabbing can provide fast and powerful relief for medical patients experiencing debilitating health conditions, such as chronic pain and nausea. It can also provide a more intense psychoactive high for recreational users, which means dabbing is usually reserved for cannabis consumers with more experience with weed.

Cannabis Dabbing: What Equipment Do You Need?

If you are new to the world of cannabis dabbing, there are a few items you will need to procure before setting off on your dabbing adventures. In order to consume dabs, you will need something called a ‘dab rig’. This is essentially a water bong that can be specifically used for various types of cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs contain a nail, usually made of titanium, as well as a ‘dabber’ or ‘wand’ that is used to pick up the cannabis concentrate. To use the rig, the nail must be heated to a high temperature (usually using some form of hand torch). Then, the concentrate can be melted on the nail and used to create vapor in the rig which is then inhaled.

Once you are well versed in the ways of your dab rig, you’ll need the cannabis concentrate to go with it. Here are 6 dabs you’ll want to try.

Vader Space Ghost OG Crumble .5g

cannabis dabbing

Vader Extracts’ Space Ghost OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. This potent strain is notorious for delivering a relaxing body high, which will make you laugh before making you sleepy. Crumble is a cannabis concentrate with a cheese-like texture and has a THC content of up to 72%. The THC ratio for Space Ghost OG Crumble has up to 72% of THC. This product is not recommended for beginners, but for more experienced cannabis users.

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Sequoia Strawberry Dry Sift Rosin

cannabis dabbing

Sequoia Strawberry is a sativa-dominant strain that gives users a strong burst of energy and creativity, with the added bonus of relieving stress. Dry sift rosin preserves the taste and potency of the cannabis concentrate for a long time. According to ErrlCup, Dry Sift is a “solventless method of extracting cannabis concentrates by placing dry buds over a screen and gently shaken to knock off the trichome heads to be collected. Dry sift more recently includes freezing the dried buds and “bopping” them gently with dry ice.” Sequoia Strawberry Dry Sift Resin has a THC content of 66.2%.

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Dip N Dabs Strawberry Banana Live Rosin

cannabis dabbing


Strawberry Banana Live Rosin is an incredibly powerful and potent cannabis concentrate. This strain is very effective in relaxing your muscles and relieving tension. This potent cannabis dabbing product tests at 94.84% THC, so proceed with caution.

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Tundra Labs Strawnana Shatter

cannabis dabbing

Strawnana is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet and fruity flavor. Shatter is a glassy and transparent cannabis concentrate filled with a high terpene content and smooth flavor. Shatter resembles an amber colored hard candy that can be used for dabs. Tundra Labs Strawnana Shatter consists of 66.83% THC per gram.

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Humboldt’s Finest Live Resin - Zkittles

cannabis dabbing


Zkittles is an indica-dominant strain with a blend of fruity flavors. Dabbing Zkittles Live Resin will give you a heavy body high while leaving you laser attentive during the day. Zkittles Live Resin tests at 60.8% THC.

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Raw Garden Blue Kush Sauce

cannabis dabbing

Check out Raw Garden’s Blue Kush Sauce, a flavorful concentrate filled with terpenes and cannabinoids. This sativa-dominant concentrate is made to give you a burst of energy and good vibes.

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TerpX - Green Crack Shatter

cannabis dabbing

Get ready to take a weed dab with TerpX’s Green Crack Shatter. Green Crack is a sativa-dominant strain that will leave you energetic. This concentrate aims to keep you productive during the day by giving you motivation with its uplifting vibe.

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