9 Cannabis Presents and Stocking Stuffers for Christmas (2021 Update)

by greenrush

Whether you’re buying stuffers for your significant other, friends, or adult children, cannabis presents make a great surprise during the holidays. Best holiday gift hack? Skip the shop queues and get the highest quality cannabis delivery near you in San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

Here are nine of our favorite cannabis gifts to wish your loved ones a Merry-juana Christmas.

1. Limited-Release Cannabis Holiday Treats 

[caption id="attachment_9875" align="alignright" width="471"]Terra THC infused gummies, Christmas release One of a series of limited release treats from Kiva. Have you given them a try?[/caption]

Wake and bake on Christmas morning with Vegan Sugar Plum Gummies from Lost Farm, which contain full-spectrum, sativa-dominant cannabis and a nostalgic, cinnamon-y holiday taste. Happy Cannabismas! 

Try KIVA’s special limited-time holiday flavor collection. The Camino Gummies in Holiday Punch flavor are the perfect cannabis-infused chews to stash in a stocking for a quick, energizing nibble. 

For an after-dinner indulgence, wrap up the Peppermint Pattie Dark Chocolate Terra Bites or the Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate bar and treat your gift recipient to a melt-in-your-mouth experience with a festive buzz.

2. CANN - Social Tonic - Cranberry Sage

Crack open a can of Christmas spirit with this THC-infused drink in a delicious Cranberry Sage flavor. CANN Social Tonics have two milligrams of THC and four milligrams of CBD per can — perfect for getting merry at holiday parties.

Wrap up a four-pack and leave it under the tree for anyone looking for a social buzz without alcohol. Best part? At just 30 calories per can and with all-natural ingredients, it’s a healthy way to take the edge off holiday socializing without contributing to that feeling of overindulgence.

3. Jeeter - Prerolls and Disposable Vapes

Start the celebrations strong with the mellow effects and irresistible holiday flavor of the Apple Fritter Infused Preroll. It’s one gram of hybrid with 47.38 percent THC.

Go straight for the Grapefruit Romulan XL Infused Preroll if you’re looking for a knockout gift for a high-tolerance smoker. It contains two grams of flower infused with distillate oil and dusted with kief, weighing in at 41.54 percent THC.

Another great grab-and-go stocking stuffer is the Live Resin Disposable Vape, ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed as is.  These make easy cannabis presents for coworkers, friends and buddies.

4. Dip Devices - Little Dipper Accessory

If there’s a dab fan on your gift list this Christmas, this is the perfect present to sneak into their stocking. The sleek and powerful Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer allows dabbers to consume concentrate straight from the container in an instant.

5. Alien Labs - Biskanté Smalls Flower and Live Resin Disposable Vapes

What better way to spoil a discerning smoker than with a gift of truly top-shelf flower? The Biskanté Smalls from Alien Labs is notorious for its potent effects, pungent smell, and smooth smoke. 

Up the gift game with a Live Resin Disposable Vape, an all-in-one gift that can be unwrapped and smoked with no additional equipment needed. This heavy hitter is ideal for high-tolerance users.

6. Jetty Extracts - Unrefined Live Resin - Vape Cartridges

The vaper on your gift list will be thrilled to find a cartridge from Jetty Extracts in their stocking. The Unrefined Live Resin range is 100% live resin containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids with powerful flavor and effect. We recommend the Sour Watermelon sativa strain for a euphoric, uplifting high, and the indica-dominant Slurricane for a potent couch-lock daze.

7. Lowell Farms - Preroll Packs

Prerolls are the ultimate in cannabis smoking convenience, ideal for a lazy Christmas day. The Lowell Farm packs include six pre-rolled joints plus matches and a strike pad. Pick The Creative Sativa pack for a strong cerebral high and The Bedtime Indica for dreamy effects and deep sleep.

8. Mary's Medicinals - The Remedy 1:1 CBN:CBD Oil

If there’s anyone who might catch Santa with his hand in the stockings at midnight, it’s your loved one who struggles to fall asleep. Give them the gift of a good night’s rest with The Remedy from Mary’s Medicinals. CBN and CBD work together to induce a soothing calm without the high of THC. We've heard customers report that it helps put them to sleep and may also help relieve pain. 

9. Potli - THC-Infused Play Honey

Sweeten up Christmas morning with this guilt-free superfood treat. Potli’s THC-infused Play Honey is locally harvested from wildflower bees in the California Bay Area, then infused with THC at low heat to retain all the natural goodness of raw honey.

Each teaspoon contains eight milligrams of THC and offers a creative and mood-enhancing high that is sure to jingle their bells.

A Final Tip on Cannabis Presents

Yes, cookies and candy go hand-in-hand with the holidays, make sure the stocking belongs to someone over 21 years old. The cannabis products mentioned are all great for experimenting with dosing to fully enjoy the benefits of the plant. 

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