Get Your Rainbow On This Pride: 8 Colorful Cannabis Treats

by greenrush
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It’s that time of year – pride month – when we celebrate all things LGBTQ+! For those of us with a love of rainbow colorful weed strains, it’s also when we want to queer our cannabis intake as much as possible.

This year, we’re shining the light on queer-owned, queer-friendly, and colorful weed brands, as well as taking a look at the queer history of cannabis in the Golden State.

The Queer History of Medical Cannabis in California

As we herald the arrival of  pride month, we thought it fitting to give a little history on the merging of medical cannabis advocacy and the LGBTQ+ community in California. Essentially, medical cannabis was legalized because of the hard work done by members of this community.

In a nutshell, queer activists began advocating for medical cannabis to be legalized during the AIDS epidemic in the early ‘90s. This happened after they saw how patients with HIV/AIDS were afforded relief from the nausea, pain, and decreased appetite caused by the disease.

This led to the opening of the Cannabis Buyers Club in the queer mecca of San Francisco by Dennis Peron, who saw firsthand how cannabis made his partner’s symptoms much more tolerable. 

This legacy was the genesis of the medical cannabis movement in California. It eventually led to the passage of Prop 215 in 1996. This bill legalized the use of cannabis for treating patients with terminal illnesses. It is this spirit, thanks to Peron and the community, that endures today.

5 Queer-Owned, Queer-Friendly & Rainbow Colorful Weed Strains & Treats

Now that we’ve discussed the history of medical cannabis in California, it’s time to uplift and celebrate colorful and rainbow weed strains. Why don't we kick it off with a brand that’s queer owned and operated? 

CANN Social Tonic

[caption id="attachment_9967" align="alignright" width="576"]Cann social tonic, queer-owned brand Celebrate pride with our favorite Queer-owned brand: Cann Social Tonics[/caption]

While they’re on the new side in the cannabis market, don’t sleep on cannabis beverages, especially those made by queer-owned CANN Social Tonic. CANN designed these beverages to induce a mellow mood. They have lots of CBD at the front and a little THC in the back.

Flavored with agave syrup, CANN beverages assure you that you won’t have to deal with a hangover the next day. They come in blood orange cardamom, cranberry sage, grapefruit rosemary, and lemon lavender flavors.  

Mellows Infused Marshmallows

Hungry for handcrafted edibles that come in all flavors of the rainbow? Look no further than Mellows Infused Marshmallows. These hybrid treats promise to elevate you into a state of joy and happiness. They are a perfect mood for the pride parade!

A pack of 12 of these treats will make your whole mouth happy. Packs include strawberry shortcake, brown butter sage, and birthday cake flavors. They’re each topped with extra pops of sweetness, including rainbow sprinkles to dazzle the eye.

STIIIZY OG Rainbow Kush 

If you prefer your cannabis to be delivered via vape, but still want to celebrate all of the colors of the rainbow, look no further than STIIIZY OG Rainbow Kush. It’s made with an indica and is all about the THC. It will help you kick all that stress and achiness to the curb.

The super fun part of this vape is the aromatic flavor of rainbow candy. You'll catch it as you inhale and exhale from this STIIZY cart. So if your day is feeling blah and gray, bring in the light with this colorful rainbow weed strain.

Select X-Bites Rainbow Upload Gummies

If you’re going to be spending all day celebrating pride, watching the bands perform and the parade progress, a long-lasting gummy will keep you feeling celebratory for the duration. So, we recommend the THC-forward Select X-Bites Rainbow Upload Gummies.

This delicious edible is designed to work harmoniously with your endocannabinoid system, coming on faster and sticking around longer than your average bear (no, not that kind of bear). Plus, the sweet flavor delivers a pleasing pop to your mouth.

Ganja Gold Pocket Red Tarantulas - Reckless Rainbow

Sometimes you just want your cannabis the old-fashioned way, in its green form. If that’s the case for you this pride, we recommend Ganja Gold’s Pocket Red Tarantulas - Reckless Rainbow. These quality pre-rolls are compact, but they pack a strong and euphoric punch.

There is distillate infused in these pre-rolls along with high-quality kief, designed to give you a long-lasting lift. There’s also an herbaceous and fruity aroma, perfect for getting into the pride spirit. 

Queer Your Cannabis This Pride

Given that this is the first time pride will be back in full swing since the start of the pandemic, make sure you go all out with your celebratory spirit this year. These high-quality and rainbow colorful weed strains and products are sure to help you do just that!