Here’s Why You Need To Get Involved With Cova’s #callitcannabis Campaign

by greenrush

Pot, ganja, dope, marijuana, and bud. There are literally thousands of different names for cannabis. And while they may seem harmless, it’s time to realize that the way in which we refer to cannabis actually has a big effect on how we think about it. And that’s something that Cova, a POS software company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, has set out to change. Cova’s #callitcannabis campaign is encouraging people to leave behind slang terms like dope and marijuana, and, (you guessed it), #callitcannabis instead.


In doing so, Cova aims to help break down the negative stigma around cannabis and its use. Continue reading to learn more about the #callitcannabis campaign and how you can help change the world’s view on cannabis.


What’s In A Name?




Let’s be honest; chances are you’ve never really thought twice about how you refer to cannabis. In fact, you’ve probably just been calling it by whatever name you first heard being used by your friends or peers.


But did you know that there are rich, complex histories surrounding some of the common slang terms we use to refer to cannabis? In 2017, Time magazine published an article featuring an interview with English lexicographer of slang Jonathan Green. In his interview, Green revealed his theories on the origins of some of the most popular slang terms for cannabis.


“Reefer,” according to Green, is actually derived from the Mexican word “Grifo” which can be used to refer to tangly, frizzy, and messy hair or someone under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs.


Even the term “marijuana,” has a sinister past. In 2013, NPR published an in-depth report into the origins of the word which so many of us use on a daily basis. The report showed that, up until the early 20th century, the term “marijuana” didn’t really exist in America.


Between 1910 and 1920, close to 900,000 Mexicans immigrated to the US to escape the civil war. Interestingly enough, numerous sources note that it’s around this time that we started seeing the word “marijuana” (a Mexican word) being used in the US, more often than not in a derogatory way. This 1925 New York Times article titled "Mexican, Crazed by Marihuana, Runs Amuck With Butcher Knife." is a good example of this use of the word.


In a 1994 article in The Atlantic, Eric Schlosser shows how the word marijuana became evermore embedded in media fear campaigns in the US about Mexicans, African Americans, and the cannabis plant itself.


“‘The Marijuana Menace,’ as sketched by anti-drug campaigners, was personified by inferior races and social deviants,” writes Schlosser.


The negative connotations of words like reefer, marijuana, and even pot (taken from the Mexican term for cannabis leaves, potiguaya) have clear effects on how we think about cannabis and its use either as a medicine or a recreational substance. And that’s exactly what Cova is out to change with its #callitcannabis campaign.


Who Are Cova?




Cova is a POS software company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Regina, Winnipeg, and Denver, CO. The company is dedicated to creating slick, advanced software solutions for cannabis dispensaries.


The cannabis space is growing extremely fast but still lacks the technology and innovation we’re used to seeing across other industries. That’s where Cova steps in. Through creating innovative software that is customizable and user-friendly, Cova dreams of making business in the cannabis retail industry increasingly simple, streamlined, and efficient.


“We try to imagine what that future looks like – and devise ways to build it. Our goal is simple: To usher dispensary owners into a golden age of simplicity, synchronicity and efficient operations, all powered by Cova,” the company writes on its website.


In line with its mission to simplify the future of cannabis and help the industry enjoy positive growth, Cova also takes a strong stance against the age-old stigmas surrounding the cannabis plant and its use.


Cova believes it’s up to the industry itself to start dismantling this stigma. And one of the first places they want to see positive change is in the language we use when talking about cannabis.


“At Cova, we believe one of the ways to reduce the negative stigma is for industry professionals to not only use but also encourage the use of mindful language. That’s why we are taking a vow to replace unenlightened terms,” the company says on its campaign page.


The #callitcannabis campaign encourages businesses in the cannabis space to take a stance against using terms like “pot” and “marijuana” when referring to cannabis. In doing so, the company hopes to put an end to the spread of misinformation about cannabis and its effects, and instead encourage meaningful conversation about the plant and its potential.


Faai Steuer, Director of Marketing at Cova has noted, "Since the campaign launched at CWCBE in NYC, we have received a great deal of support not only from the cannabis industry but everyday cannabis consumers too. We welcome the united front.”


To join Cova in its mission to break down the stigma around cannabis, join the #callitcannabis campaign today. By joining you’ll automatically win a free campaign T-shirt as well as the chance to be featured on Cova’s social media channels.


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