Flavor Town! 4 Terpene Rich Treats for the Farmers Markets of San Mateo

by Jessica
San Mateo Farmers market, blog header

What kind of farmer's market visitor are you? Did you know a trip to the farmers market, with is rich sense-stimulating environment pairs will with terpenes? Terpenes give cannabis its scent, and a market visit can be enhanced with the addition of a terpene-rich THC treat. On your next trip to San Mateo, why not plan for a marijuana delivery chock full of terprnes?

How Do Terpenes Enhance the Benefits of THC? 

Terpenes offer benefits beyond lovely odors. Scent impacts mood, and these terpenes commonly found in cannabis offer the following: 

  • Myrcene: Earthy, musky scents make people feel calm
  • Caryophyllene: Earthy, spicy scents help us feel calm, and this terpene that is also found in cloves and black pepper is the only terpene known to act on the endocannabinoid system
  • Limonene: Citrusy scents tend to help uplift mood, calm anxiety, and energize
  • Pinene: With the fresh scent of pine, this terpene is being researched for the ways it might relieve respiratory ailments, anxiety, and pain

Want to learn more about terpenes?  We've got you covered!

Edibles Create a Relaxed Visit to the Belmont Market

We have chosen our vegan collection of edibles for a visit to the Belmont Farmers Market. Sundays are a day to take it easy, and this year-round market offers a variety of healthy options to fill your fridge.

It can take up to a few hours to feel the effects of edibles, so plan to take them before you walk over to the market. 

Our preference is the Absolute Xtracts brand of fruit gummies, though there are chocolates and other goodies available as well. Edibles deeply relax the body, and these gummies are great for uplifting mood and increasing presence. 

Colors may pop, and your increased presence will help you mindfully choose from the farmers wares, as you stroll past flowers, leafy greens, fresh-pressed juices, and coffee. 

Cannabis Adventures, A Visit to Foster City 

For those seeking a more exciting experience, Foster City is a fantastic Saturday market. Through marijuana delivery, we recommend ordering one of your favourite flower strains. Smoke a joint 10 or so minutes before heading in to connect with the multitude of treats available. 

Part of the richness of cannabis is the nose or the scent, which again is courtesy of the terpenes. Limonene and caryophyllene are great for an outing. Both of these offer zest, happiness, and relaxation. 

While you peruse the variety of fruits and vegetables at Foster City market, you can also find an array of baked treats. As you stroll through the market enjoying your happy high, you may discover some new specialty items and crafts as well.

Weekday Vaping on 25th Avenue to Avoid the Crowds

Vaping is the suggested pairing for market-goers who have social anxiety. The 25th Avenue Market in San Mateo is open on Tuesdays from May to October. Weekday markets tend to have fewer visitors, so you can get in and out quickly if needed. 

You can be discreet with vaping, and Bloom Farm 707 cartridges are helpful for stress and anxiety. Other benefits include focus and productivity while relaxing the body. 

707 is a blend of potent strains containing the myrcene and caryophyllene to keep stress low. You can pick up your usual coffee, flowers, produce, and honey at the 25th Avenue market without the intensity of the weekend rush. 

And if you get the munchies, you can pick up some freshly popped kettle corn for a sweet and salty snack. 

Social Sipping at the College of San Mateo 

San Mateo Market is an SF-area market open year-round on Saturdays, with a wide array of vendors and farmers. Cannabis drinks offer a way to ingest with a faster impact than edibles. 

For the more social shopper, Cann Social Tonic is an excellent pairing with this venue. 

Our favorite flavor is lemon-lavender, which has a very pleasant scent thanks to those amazing terpenes! With a two-to one ratio CBD to THC, Cann Social Tonic comes in six-packs of cans, so it looks like a regular can of soda. 

It makes one feel sociable, which is great for connecting with farmers and vendors. 

This market boasts variety. Many vendors offer produce, seafood, and meats. There are also specialty items such as chocolates, pastas, and mushrooms. 

Marijuana Delivery Treats For Your Visit to San Mateo Farmers Markets

Nourishment is more than good food. It's about creating great experiences for yourself, too. So no matter how you visit farmer's markets, there's a terpene-rich treat to suit your mood.

Ingesting, smoking, and vaping cannabis are ways to enhance your presence, enjoyment, and focus, all while supporting local farmers.