Here’s How To Clean Your Bong The Right Way

by greenrush
how to clean your bong

What’s worse than someone handing over a dirty bong? Putting great weed into a dirty bong is kind of like eating quality cheese in moldy bread. Or like serving up a five-star dinner on dirty dishes. It’s just not okay. And if your friends act like it’s okay, they’re just being polite. Trust us on this one - a dirty bong breaks so many rules. And not in a rebellious, free kind of way. But in an “I have no respect for the awesomeness of marijuana” way. So don’t upset the marijuana gods and learn how to clean your bong properly.


News flash! The time you take to clean your bong is directly proportional to how long it’s been since you last cleaned it! That’s right. If you stay on top of your cleaning game, this doesn’t have to be an affair that takes hours. On the other hand, if it’s been months - or even years - since you last cleaned your bong, making it shiny again could be a very difficult task indeed. Here is everything you need to know, whether you’re a clean freak or whether you’ve accidentally looked over the importance of cleaning.


Step 1: Gather everything you need

how to clean your bong

As we mentioned, how to clean your bong is easy if you’re doing a quick scrub because you like to keep your bong clean on the regular, it won’t take long. And you won’t need much in the way of materials. If you need to do some deep cleaning, some chemicals are in order.


For general cleaning, you will need:


- Rubbing alcohol,
- Small pieces of fabric to block up all the holes on your bong,
- Some salt or rice (or something mildly abrasive that isn’t going to ruin your bong),
- Rubber bands,
- Some pipe cleaners if you want to get into some hard to reach places,
- And if you’re the kind who doesn’t like to get your hands dirty, some gloves.


For deeper cleaning, it’s best to go out and get yourself some chemical bong cleaning products such as:


- Kush Clean,
- Bong Bath, or,
- Any other glass cleaner.


You don’t need to have all of these products - just one will do. It’s basically a chemical bath to dissolve all of the nasty stuff stuck in your glass.


Step 2: Start cleaning!

how to clean your bong

Now, if you’re doing things the old-fashioned way (without chemicals), it’s going to take you about 10 minutes from start to finish. The method:


- Start by taking your bong apart completely. Remove anything that isn’t a part of the main stem. Give all the pieces a rinse with water.

- Cover the stem and the tube with a piece of fabric and secure it with a rubber band.

- Now put the alcohol and rice inside the bong. You want to use enough liquid to give the thing a really good shake. You don’t need to overload on rice or salt, but you need to use enough so that it doesn’t dissolve. This is what’s going to give the abrasive effect to clean properly.

- Now shake. Shake a lot. After you’re done shaking, shake it some more.

- Pour out all the liquid and give it a rinse. Your bong should look much cleaner than before.

- Pay attention to the details. Use the pipe cleaner to get into some gnarly places such as the stem.

- Give it a final rinse and enjoy smoking out of your squeaky clean bong!


How to clean your bong bowl and stem


- You should have removed them already from the main tube.

- Put them in their own separate baggies.

- Pour some alcohol into the baggie along with some salt or rice.

- Repeat the shaking process.

- Give them all a rinse.


For those who know that this probably isn’t going to work because their’s is a very very dirty bong, get out the glass cleaner. This how to clean your bong method requires soaking so it can take hours.


- Pour the glass cleaner into your bong and block up the holes, just in case. There’s no shaking involved here, but better safe than sorry.

- Now let it soak for two hours. By the time you return to it, all of the resin should have dissolved in the liquid.

- Glass cleaner is reusable if you want to pour it straight into another piece. If you want to keep it, filter it through a coffee filter and store for later. Oh, and please don’t use that coffee filter ever again.


Tips for keeping your bong cleaner for longer

how to clean your bong

There are a few things you can do that go a long way to saving you time in the future. The first one is, obviously, don’t leave months in between cleaning rituals. The alcohol scrub can be fast and efficient if you do it once a month.


Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the water while you smoke will help to keep hard, gunky resin off the sides of your bowl. The other benefits of this are obviously a nicer smelling bong and a slight lemon taste when you’re smoking!


Finally, to keep your bong cleaner for longer, store it empty. It sounds like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of stoners who will leave the bong overnight soaking in dirty bong water. Empty it and save yourself some hard cleaning in the future! Now that you know how to clean your bong, enjoy what it feels like to smoke out of a clean piece!


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