How To Store Weed Properly So That It Lasts A Long Time

by greenrush
how to store weed

You’ve just harvested a huge amount of bud that you aren’t going to be able to consume in a hurry. Or maybe you’ve just found a few nugs hiding in an old pair of jeans. Or maybe you just like to buy your medicinal supply in bulk so that you don’t have to keep running to the dispensary. These are all scenarios that make a certain light bulb go off in your mind - how to store weed properly?


Nothing is better than smoking freshly cured herb. Now, the aim for those asking the question 'how to store weed' is to keep it in that condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, if you’ve found your bud in your jeans, it might not be in prime condition. That’s ok, you’ll know for next time. Whether you’re looking to preserve your weed for a few weeks or months, here are some tips and tricks you need to know.


Maintaining ideal temperature and humidity


The most important factor when it comes to storing buds is humidity. When cured weed gets exposed to too much moisture, it has the tendency to attract a lot of unwelcome visitors - such as mold and mildew.


Other than keeping your buds in a dry place, it’s also important to keep them cool. Heat can dry up the terpenoids and flavonoids that make smoking bud such a sensual experience. Plus, everyone knows what buds look like when they’re too dry. They turn slightly brown and become crumbly. This kind of bud usually makes smoking hot and harsh.


To store weed long term, maintain a temperature lower than 77℉. Mold will develop easily in temperatures between 77 and 86℉. And temperatures that high might even start to decarboxylate your buds, converting all the THC-A to THC and then to CBN - which is not desirable.


The best storage material is glass

how to store weed

Perhaps the better question to ask is not 'how to store weed' but rather, 'what should I be storing it in?' If you’re going to be storing ganja, it would go a long way to start stocking up on some airtight glass jars. The best glass jars for storing weed are mason jars. You can buy them at basically any homeware store. They protect your weed from air and moisture so long as you keep them in a place as cool as 60-70℉. Under these conditions, you can store your weed for months. So if you’ve just harvested a pound, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor much later.


Make sure you fill up the jars to at least ¾ full but don’t over pack it either. This ensures that you’re not trapping too much air inside with your weed which could affect the overall quality. If you go to some extra effort to store them somewhere cool and dark, buds will stay good in mason jars for up to a year.



What about the freezer?


There is some controversy about storing weed in the freezer. Although it is extremely effective at preserving the taste, smell and potency of your weed, it has other setbacks. The trichomes can become very brittle and fall off the buds when you’re moving them around in the freezer. So they have to be handled very carefully if you choose to go down this road.


Some growers will go to great lengths to wrap up their buds in freezer bags and foil before freezing. This isn’t entirely necessary. Putting the mason jar directly in the freezer is sufficient. Just be aware that only completely cured buds that have already been stored for about a month in mason jars should be moved to the freezer. And never ever put weed in storage before they’ve been dried and cured.


This is the best choice for those who want to store buds for a really long time. Years. Buds never last that long in my household, but some people like to hold on to them for a special occasion or something.



I can put them in the fridge, right?


Wrong. Although putting buds in the freezer is great for long-term storage, the fridge is never a place for storing weed. Temperature and humidity in refrigerators fluctuate, and this is basically an invitation for mold - even if you store the buds in airtight glass containers.



Ditch the baggie

how to store weed

It’s a wonder that so many people buy their weed in plastic baggies. Keeping your weed in a baggie for longer than a few days is a sure way to degrade the quality of your buds. A great tip for how to store weed is if you want to store your buds even for a few weeks, don’t keep them in a baggie. Restrict this storage method to very short time periods, like one or two days. Plus, baggies don’t really keep the smell contained!


Buds can be stored for a very long time at the correct temperature and humidity conditions. But maintaining the quality also depends a lot on the material that you store them in. Don’t be lazy and go out and get yourself some good quality glass jars!


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