How To Use A Weed Bubbler

by greenrush
how to use a weed bubbler

As any new or experienced smoker is sure to know, there are many ways to consume cannabis these days. Of course, you have smokeless options like edibles, topicals, and vapes, but there are just as many options to choose from when it comes to lighting up. You can roll a joint, pack a bowl, use a bong, or use a weed bubbler! Unsure of what that is? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's a guide on how to use a weed bubbler.

What is a Weed Bubbler?

A weed bubbler is a portable smoking pipe made of hand-blown glass, used to filter and purify the smoke just like a bong does. A bubbler, however, is smaller than a bong and does not have a removable bowl. The concept of a weed bubbler is akin to a pipe, except there is water involved. 

Weed Bubbler vs. Weed Bong

Bubblers are quite impressive and, in a way, somewhat similar to bongs. They have a mouthpiece, a stem, a chamber (or base) for the water, and a bowl for you to pack your glorious flower. Comparable to a bong, a weed bubbler also has a water-filled chamber to cool the smoke down, filtering it before hitting your lungs. If you know how to use a bong, using a weed bubbler will be a piece of cake.

The primary difference between a weed bubbler and a glass bong is that the bowls on bubblers tend to be much smaller. Additionally, bubblers only - for the most part - have fixed downstems, meaning you can't remove them and clean them. 

Bubblers are a middle-of-the-road option when you can't decide between using a traditional pipe or a full-on bong. The portability function is undoubtedly advantageous for using a bubbler over a bong and fills the need when you want a little more out of your smoke than a pipe can provide.

Why Use A Bubbler Instead?

Now, while there is a comfortability of smoking out of a nice glass bong, one should know the benefits of using a weed bubbler; the perks may win you over. Some benefits of using a weed bubbler include:

  • Smoother hit
  • Better tasting hit
  • Easier to handle
  • No need for extra pieces

How To Use a Weed Bubbler: Step-by-Step

This step-by-step process will make it easy to understand how to use a weed bubbler for beginners and experienced alike.

Step One: Add Water to Water Chamber

First, you will want to make sure to fill the base of the weed bubbler with water. Depending on the stem's length, it's best to fill the bubbler's water chamber about half full. As an illustration, you need enough water to produce bubbles, but not so much it splashes into the mouthpiece.

how to use a weed bubbler

Step Two: Pack the Bowl

Next, go ahead and grind up your favorite cannabis strain and pack the bowl of your weed bubbler. Like a regular pipe, don't pack your flower too tight to the point you cannot get good airflow through the bud when igniting.

Step Three: Light It Up!

Once you have packed the bowl with cannabis, light the bowl with one hand while using your other hand to cover the carb. Covering the carb shuts off all external airflow and ensures a smooth and tight hit every time. As you inhale, the smoke will flow from the bowl and into the water, creating tons of tiny bubbles*. 

*This bubbling action is what is filtering the smoke before entering your lungs.

how to use a weed bubbler

Step Four: Clear the Chamber

When you are ready to take the hit, remove your finger from the carb, allowing your lungs to clear - or inhale - the smoke from the chamber. 

A Perfect Piece

Inhale, bubble, exhale, and repeat as necessary! It truly is that easy. A bubbler is a perfect piece to share with friends or take on your travels. Enjoy this portable yet sophisticated cannabis consumption method!

To go over again, one tip to keep in mind when using a bubbler is that, unlike a bong that someone can take apart, a bubbler is one solid piece. That means you might want to clean your bubbler more often than you would your bong to keep things fresh. 

For example, it may not be a bad idea to replace the water and rinse it out after each use to make sure residue has a more challenging time building up. Cleanliness is, as they say, next to godliness, so you'll undoubtedly want to come up with a basic cleaning routine to keep your bubbler in tip-top shape.

Types of Weed Bubblers

If you're in the market for a new piece or want to treat yourself, you will notice various types of weed bubblers exist. While there are many bubblers, they all have the same functionality: stem, bowl, mouthpiece, and a water chamber. You'll notice by reading the following bubbler descriptions the main difference between individual pieces is the aesthetics.

Hammer Bubbler

A hammer bubbler gets its name because it is propped up by a stand, making it appear like a hammer. Pretty straightforward.

Sidecar Bubbler

These have a "sidecar mouthpiece" branching off from the chamber and angled from the side rather than the top. The design prevents any splashes or loss of water from the bubbler.

Sherlock Bubbler

If you're familiar with sherlock pipes, then this bubbler type is no stranger. It's just a piece in the "S" shape.

Pendant Bubbler

If you're looking for a fashion accessory, a pendant bubbler will hang around your neck as an adorable pendant. Pendant weed bubblers usually come with a small hole and string to tie around your neck so you can rock out with your bubbler out.

Double Bubbler

Double double bubbler trouble. Literally, this has two water chambers as opposed to one. Your smoke will be filtered twice, offering an even smoother hit.

Weed Bubbler Galore

Oh, there are so many weed bubbler options! But honestly, you can't go wrong with any of them. Accompany the weed bubbler with a new strain and get ready for a remarkable experience...

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