Prominent Neurosurgeon Cites Weed As Solution To Opioid Epidemic

by greenrush
opioid epidemic

Prominent American neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta has penned a fact-filled letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the opioid epidemic.

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Contained within: how marijuana can end the opioid epidemic killing 115 Americans daily.


The letter details the results of a five-year marijuana study. It focuses on the revolutionary ways cannabis is saving drug addicts.


Very few meaningful studies have dived into this contentious issue. Frustrated about society’s ignorance toward weed, Gupta hopes his findings will shed light on a subject many find too controversial to approach.


In short, cannabis’ ability to treat pain reduces an addict’s need for opioids - as seen in chemotherapy patients. The compounds found in weed help break the cycle of addiction imprisoning millions of Americans. Weed can restructure and normalize the brain at the cellular level.


In other words: goodbye nasty habits.


Dr. Gupta’s letter details the stories of former addicts who’ve used marijuana to overcome addiction. His findings assert that empathy - not denial - is the only way to solve the opioid epidemic. Society’s acceptance of marijuana as a path toward recovery will remove the stigma plaguing patients.


At this time, they fear the social implications of sharing their story.


Dr. Gupta’s findings give marijuana advocates a weapon in the fight for legalization - a scientific basis. He estimates that it could save upwards of 10,000 lives a year.


Time will tell if Dr. Gupta's change Congress' mind.


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