The Most Popular Edibles in California for 2022 

by Jessica
the best selling edibles in California. weed gummies in a jar

Looking for Cannabis edibles near me? You aren't alone. Cannabis lovers of California have spoken and the result is unanimous: edibles are a hit, and gummies are the fan-favorite by miles.

Cannabis gummies have taken the world by storm. In 2021, the global CBD gummy market was worth $2.1 billion, with North America accounting for over 60 percent of that market. 

And this is just the beginning. According to a report by Grand View Research, the gummy market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of over 30 percent, making it worth a whopping $13.9 billion by 2028.

If you’ve ever munched gummies yourself, you’ll know it’s no mystery why they’re so popular. Cannabis gummies are convenient, delicious, and an easy way to control precisely how much CBD or THC you want to consume. Many are also vegan, gluten-free, and even sugar-free. 

So, with an explosion of tasty options on the market, how do you pick your next snack to get stoned with? To kick start your journey, we lined up the edibles that kept people coming back for more this year so you can try them, too. Here they are: the six most popular cannabis edibles in California for 2022. Eat up!

The Most Popular Edibles in California for 2022

1. Kanha Gummies 

[caption id="attachment_9931" align="alignright" width="356"]Kanha mango edibles 100 mg Bright bursts of fresh mango edibles — thats why Californians love Kanha.[/caption]

Crucially, Kanha’s message is for adults to stop and enjoy the fruits found along life’s journey. Their gummies are designed with joy in mind and inspire consumers to indulge in a sense of play and curiosity. 

This is backed up by scientific extraction methods that allow precise and consistent dosing. Their potent flavors have been a hit amongst consumers, with the Cherry Gummies being the single most popular flavor of cannabis edible for 2022.

Best-selling Kanha edibles:

  • Cherry Gummies with 10mg THC per piece, a dash of CBD, and a powerful sativa high, are made for a productive and energetic day of errands
  • Mango Gummies pack a potent indica high designed for restful sleep and blissful relaxation
  • Sour Cherry Limeade Belts will take you back to your childhood as you chew on the sweet and sour strips, then send you straight into space with a dose designed for the high-tolerance consumer

2. Kiva Camino Gummies

This brand was born when a young couple visited a chocolatier and were inspired to create their Terra Bites and chocolate bars, which then evolved into their wildly successful range of gummies, chocolates, and mints.

Kiva’s Camino gummy range is here to entice your sense of adventure. They’re designed to evoke a sense of travel and exploration, inviting you to venture into new experiences. 

Best-selling Kiva edibles:

3. Wyld Gummies

[caption id="attachment_9930" align="alignright" width="300"]Wyld Edibles Rasberry Sativa One of the best selling edibles, from Californias best selling brand.[/caption]

The team at Wyld has taken the spirit of the Pacific Northwest and infused it into a brand that celebrates exploration, innovation, and challenging the limits. Their edibles are created with environmental sustainability in mind, to celebrate the power of the outdoors and enjoy experiences that bring people together. Do you feel the call of the Wyld? 

Best-selling Wyld edibles:

  • Elderberry Gummies, with a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBN, enhance the sedating effects of indica terpenes and knock you out for a good night’s sleep
  • Raspberry Gummies are enhanced with fruit terpenes and sativa-derived THC for focused creativity or setting off on an expedition

4. Smokiez Edibles Vegan Chews

Smokiez attributes the yum factor and potency of its chews to their own proprietary formula made with high-clarity cannabis extract. Their edibles are all vegan with no gluten or dairy, and bonus points for no high-fructose corn syrup.

Best-selling Smokiez edibles:

5. Level Protabs

Level’s products are a different approach to edibles: They’re here for the punch, not the flavor. This San Francisco-based brand has created a range of concentrated cannabis edibles in tablet form. They take effect in 30–90 minutes, and the high lasts from three to six hours. 

Best-selling Level edibles:

6. Absolute Xtracts Vegan Gummies

From seedling to store shelf, Absolute Xtracts puts all their expertise into growing and extracting the best quality cannabis for their mouthwatering range of edibles. Their offerings include zero-calorie, alcohol-free beers infused with cannabis, soft gels, and sublingual drops—but it’s the gummies that take the cake.

Best-selling Absolute Xtracts edibles:

Cannabis Edibles Near Me Starts with a Single Delivery 

We've spolied you with choice, with so many edible flavors, strains, and dose sizes. Get ready to eat your heart out. As tasty as these gummies may be, it’s important to remember to pace yourself; since they take a while to kick in, it’s easy to overindulge!

So, are you keen to enjoy some premium cannabis gummies? Your next edible experience is just a few clicks away at Greenrush