Rep. Earl Blumenauer Says Cannabis Will Be Descheduled Within Next Few Years

by greenrush

Over the weekend, Cultivation Classic took place in Portland, Oregon. The event focused on the cannabis cultivation sphere and featured a cultivation contest as well as a variety of panels, discussions, presentations, and speakers. One such speaker was Representative Earl Blumenauer. He spoke on Saturday, May 12 about cultivation and his optimism regarding changing cannabis laws.


"I made a bet that within five years, every state will be able to treat cannabis like alcohol and there will be universal access to medical marijuana," he said. "If we do our job, it's game over in two years."


Blumenauer has made a name for himself as being decidedly outspoken when it comes to marijuana legalization. The lawmaker has teamed up with Rep. Jared Polis in the past to write "The Path Forward: Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy", a piece that looks at the history of marijuana in the United States, the current challenges weed faces, and offers a path for marijuana reform across the nation.


Blumenauer's speech also gave merit to bipartisan movements that continue to advance on the question of marijuana legalization. He also referenced conservatives like John Boehner, who recently expressed his new-found support of cannabis, as an encouragement to the movement.


"I don't second-guess people's motives if they're willing to evolve," he said, referencing the many reasons why lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are now stepping up in favor of cannabis legalization.


It remains to be seen whether Blumenauer's prediction will hold true, however, an increasing number of lawmakers continue to speak out in support for federal marijuana legalization.


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