5 Strains For Focus and Productivity

by Jessica
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The stereotypical stoner might spend all day lounging on the couch, but cannabis does far more than helping you chill out. With the huge variety of strains available for weed delivery in the Bay Area, why not find one that will make you feel focused and energized? But if you want to use weed for focus and productivity, you’ll need to choose the right strain.

Here are five of our favorites:

1.   Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a historic and very popular Sativa strain that’s named after its distinct diesel smell. With up to 25 percent THC, it’s a powerful strain with intense cerebral effects. You’ll find yourself feeling uplifted and creative, so it’s perfect for when you need to focus and get the creative juices flowing.

Sour Diesel can be a bit much for users with a low tolerance for THC, so go slow if you’re new. And if you’re put off by the strong and lingering smell, try a Sour Diesel vape cartridge instead of smoking.

2. Zkittlez

Zkittlez (or Skittles) is an award-winning indica with around 20 percent THC. It has sweet fruity and tropical flavors with sour undertones. You’ll feel the effect in both your mind and body. While your body relaxes, you’ll find it much easier to focus your mind on the task at hand.

As the high wears on, the cerebral effects will fade and you’ll be left feeling deep relaxation. For that reason, Zkittlez is more suited to short bursts of productivity than all-night study sessions.

3. Super Lemon Haze

If you’re struggling to find motivation, try Super Lemon Haze to get some focus. Another Sativa-dominant hybrid, Super Lemon Haze is energizing and social and will lift you out of a funk easily.

It typically contains up to 25 percent THC and very little CBD. That means it might not be the best choice if you’re already prone to anxiety or an over-active mind. On the other hand, if you struggle with depression or fatigue, Super Lemon Haze could be beneficial for your productivity.

4. Jack Herer

An uplifting Sativa-dominant hybrid, Jack Herer has been popular among cannabis consumers for decades. It’s won the Cannabis Cup multiple times and is loved by creatives in particular. 

You’ll feel the effects quickly, with an energizing head high that’s perfect for creative tasks and conversations. 

Jack Herer can contain up to 24 percent THC, but the high is balanced and not overwhelming. This makes it a great choice for new users looking to try higher-THC strains. They’ll also enjoy the pleasant herbal and floral notes in Jack Herer’s smoke.

5. Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid with a high THC content of up to 26 percent. It tastes and smells of - you guessed it - cherry, with sweet and sour notes. Like other indica strains, it offers a balanced combination of physical relaxation and mental focus.

Unlike Sativa-dominant strains, Cherry Pie won’t leave you feeling paranoid. Instead, you’ll be able to concentrate on detailed work without any sensations of anxiety or worry. It can be beneficial for people with attention deficit disorder who need a burst of concentration.

How to Choose a Strain for Focus and Productivity

There are lots of great cannabis strains for focus and productivity, so you need to know what you’re looking for. In simple terms, Sativa-dominant strains tend to give a more cerebral, energizing high, while Indicas have more relaxing and whole-body effects. These definitions are a bit too simplistic though, and most strains these days are complex hybrids with unique characteristics.

Instead, you’ll need to choose a strain that suits you. And that will depend on your THC tolerance, levels of anxiety, and the way your brain works. Strains that leave some people feeling energized will make others feel overstimulated and paranoid.

Learn more about the differences between Sativa and Indica strains, and how to choose the right strain for you.

Weed Delivery in the Bay Area: Find The Perfect Strain

Once you’ve chosen the right strain for you, you don’t even need to leave the house to get hold of it. Find the strain and product you’re looking for, and we can deliver it to your door across the Bay Area on the same day. Find out more about how to order cannabis for delivery, and enjoy.