Green Rush Strain Highlight: Wedding Crasher Strain  

by Jessica
black man wearing white, smoking wedding crasher strain

Wedding Crasher strain is the magical combination of two of our favorite and highly popular weed strains. But does Wedding Crasher live up to these high expectations? 

If you expect a full energizing effect to actually crash weddings (like the name and movie indicate), think again. It turns out the true effects of this super popular strain may be more sleepy and relaxing than any over-the-top wedding party.

History and Genetics: Wedding Crasher Strain

Wedding Crasher (or Wedding Crashers) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain first created by Symbiotic Genetics. It’s the result of crossing two popular and classic strains: Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. 

Purple Punch is a relaxing, indica-rich hybrid (Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG) with a grape and blueberry aroma and flavor.  

Wedding Cake, also called Pink Cookies, is a well-known hybrid strain, tracing its lineage to two potent strains: Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). The Wedding Cake strain has a tangy vanilla aroma and flavor with hints of earthy pepper.   

The cross between Purple Punch and Wedding Cake results in a well-balanced, cakey offspring.   

Wedding crasher plants yields vibrant green leaves and dark purple buds. When splitting the buds, you first notice the skunky diesel aroma, followed by the true flavor profile: sweet, spicy, and pungent. 

The buds are resinous, which means you’ll need a powerful grinder to get your serving of Wedding Crasher.

Wedding Crasher Terpene Profile 

Wedding Crasher smells like a vanilla cake (maybe one that’s served at a wedding, and hence that name?). 

This strain combines the best of its parent strains: the fruitiness of Purple Punch and the spicy, tangy vanilla of Wedding Cake. Overall, expect a vanilla cakey strain with sweet, fruity flavors and spicy, earthy, vanilla-grape aromas from Wedding Crasher.     

The flavors, however, get more complex. You’ll mostly notice vanilla and grape on the inhale. There’s a rich earthiness on the exhale and then the sharp diesel-like kick. The aftertaste has mellow berry, grape, and sweet vanilla notes. 

The aromas and flavors come from the Wedding Crasher terpene profile. The dominant terpene in Wedding Crasher is beta-caryophyllene, which is responsible for the spicy and peppery notes. This terpene is commonly found in oregano, lavender, cinnamon, clove, and rosemary. 

The other terpenes are: 

  • Limonene has a citrus flavor
  • Myrcene has earthy and musky tones
  • Linalool has a floral, lavender scent
  • Terpinolene has a floral, piney, and herbal aroma
  • Alpha humulene has a spicy, woodsy, and herbal flavor
  • Pinene has a strong pine scent
  • Ocimene has sweet, herby flavors with a woodsy citrus undertone
  • Phellandrene has a mint and woody aroma
  • Carene has a citrusy aroma

Wedding Crasher Potency

The indica-to-sativa ratio of the strain is 60 percent indica to 40 percent sativa. 

Wedding Crasher is a hybrid strain with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of 17 to 25 percent, making it an excellent mid-level strain. The cannabidiol (CBD) content typically ranges from 0.27 to 0.59 percent, meaning the Wedding Crasher is quite potent.   

Wedding Crasher Effects 

Wedding Crasher gives you uplifting mental energy while you feel physically relaxed. Even though the strain is potent, you get a clear-headed high. In fact, creatives prefer this strain because they feel positive, slightly energetic, and focused.  

Other users like the Wedding Crasher because it eases sore muscles and pain and reduces depression and anxiety, leaving them relaxed and mildly euphoric. 

A Few of Our Favorite Wedding Crasher Options: 

Of course, we’ve got to include some of our favorite wedding strains, right? 

Wedding Crasher Smalls By Score

The 14-gram Wedding Crasher Smalls has a THC content of 20.83 percent. You’ll immediately notice the skunky, diesel aroma. Expect an energetic mental high as your body floats.   

Wedding Crasher by Utopia

With a THC content of 25.67 percent, Utopia’s Wedding Crasher (3.5 grams) gives you that focused, relaxing feeling. 

Raspberry Wedding Cake Resin by Lost Farm

If you are curious about one of the Wedding Crasher parent strains, try Lost Farm’s Vegan Gummies Raspberry Wedding Cake Live Resin. The resin has 100 mg THC for a full-spectrum high. 

Expect the sweetness of cookies and the fruity tartness of cherry pie when you dab with this resin.    

All the More Reasons to Try the Famous Wedding Crasher Strain

Maybe this Wedding Crasher strain that won't inspire any true wedding crashing urges. But that’s not to say this strain creation doesn’t give you a good relaxing time or deliver potential medical benefits.   

We love to dip into Wedding Crasher as the perfect dessert strain, a gentle after work and after dinner evening rip. As many tokers report, it melts away stress and muscle pain, all with a sweet, skunky and vanilla twist. What's not to love?