What's in My Edible? All the Different Types of Weed Edibles

by Jessica
woman holding up a small green cannabis chocolate edible

Cannabis has come a long way since the days of bags of brittle leaves, seeds, and sticks. Recreational cannabis is evolving, including cannabis edibles — distillate gummies, live resin chews. Let’s just say your quest for cannabis near me just got a lot more interesting.

Edibles are delectable and potent treats that contain refined cannabis concentrate. This gives them their recreational or medicinal properties. But these days it’s not just a cannabis butter infusion inside. 

Here’s the lowdown on the new world of cannabis edibles, that contain a universe of potent and flavorful concentrates.

What Types of Concentrates Go Into Edibles? 

If you have baked with cannabis, you'll be familiar with ingredients like cannabis butter – which can be used to bake weed-infused brownies, cookies, and candies. But, most edibles you’ll find on dispensary shelves or through cannabis delivery services are infused with a cannabis concentrate.

Your search for edible cannabis near me, starts with thinking about what’s inside. There are three main types of cannabis concentrate that are currently available: live resin, distillate, and cold water hash.

Live Resin

[caption id="attachment_9961" align="alignright" width="522"]Live resin getting put into a small jar Live resin is a sticky, aromatic cannabis concentrate beloved for it's terpene content.[/caption]

This is a taffy-like substance that's usually yellow or amber in color. It's created by refining the oils found in fresh cannabis flower that’s been frozen via a solvent-based process (such as butane). The flavorful terpenes present in the flower remain in the final product.

Live resin contains purified forms of both THC and/or CBD as a result of the refining process. This substance is found in edibles, but is also popular for use in dabbing apparatuses.

For a classic live resin experience, opt for Lost Farms Cannabis-Infused Gummies by Kiva. These delicious flavor bombs come in several fruit options and cannabis combinations. If you’re a true cannabis aficionado with a refined palate, these potent, full-sensory snacks are for you.

Looking for a more tropical flavor of live resin edible? Try Smokiez Live Resin Vegan Chews. They come in both mango and sour watermelon flavors and are made with real fruit, flavors that play well with unctuous terpenes. As for the high, it’s strong and hits both head and body.

If you have an affinity for classic weed strains of cannabis, then Emerald Sky Live Resin Gummies are for you. The blackberry and lime flavor celebrates the famous Purple Haze Strain, while boysenberry lemonade contains Lemon OG. Prepare to feel either creative or relaxed.


Similar to live resin, distillate is a golden-colored substance that's made by extracting and concentrating the oil present in cannabis flower. It's popularly found in most vape pens, as well as topical ointments and, of course, edibles.

The distillate extraction process is similar to that of live resin. The primary difference is that while producers literally freeze flower for live resin at the time of harvest to preserve terpenes (and flavor), distillate is not produced from frozen flower. The result is a concentrated oil without a strong terpene presence.

Among the best distillate-infused edibles are Smokiez Vegan Chews, which are available in blackberry, peach, or sour blue raspberry flavor. These pack a sweet profile without a heavy plant aftertaste. Expect your high to be smooth, strong, and blissful.

Another popular edible option is Emerald Sky, which makes a variety of distillate gummies. Opt for apple pear, chocolate, or California orange flavors. Expect relaxed yet alert, capable yet lifted, or energetic highs, respectively.

Seeking an edible that comes on quickly? Both Select Nano-Gummies and Kanha Nano-Gummies have you covered. These delicious and fruity snacks contain a nano-molecular emulsion that enters the bloodstream faster than a typical edible. 

Cold Water Hash

A third way in which producers extract refined cannabis from flower is cold water hash, also known as ice water hash, bubble hash, or wet sift. Cold water hash differs from the first two concentrates as no solvents are needed in its creation process – just ice water and mesh bags.

In a nutshell, producers put cannabis flower in ice water and shaken. During this process, the trichomes – the little hair-like follicles that grow on cannabis plants – become separated from the rest. They then filter it through the mesh bag, before collection.

One notable edible you'll find while goggling cannabis near me in California that contains cold water hash is Kiva Chocolate Bars. These snacks will give you a strong high that won’t knock you out. Rather, you will be peaceful yet self-aware – an ideal combination. Bars come in espresso or savory (seasoned with everything bagel) flavors.

Where Is the Best Edible Cannabis Near Me?

Regardless of the edible (or edibles) you decide to try, you’ll find with delivery from Green Rush. We've got an ever growing line up of gummies, chews, chocolate bars and more, we know you’ll never get tired of what’s in stock.