How to Take a T-Break: Resetting THC Tolerance

by Jessica

No toker wants to hear they need a T-break. But when you’re going through your stash faster than usual because you aren’t getting the same high with the same amount of weed, a THC tolerance break is non-negotiable. 

Luckily for you, a THC break isn’t a permanent breakup. It’s temporary, so things in your body can reset and you can get back to thoroughly enjoying the effects of your favorite cannabinoids. 

Here’s how to take a break from marijuana. 

What Is a T-Break? 

Taking a break from something means to stop using it for a period of time. So in that spirit, a T-break, short for a THC tolerance break, is a break or rest period from using cannabis products. 

Such a break helps your body reset to a pre-cannabis state so you can enjoy the same highs as when you first started taking a toke. 

How do you know you should go on a THC break? It’s time for a break when: 

  • You’re continuously using larger doses to get the same high as before or to feel the effects of your product. 
  • The effects of the THC last for shorter and shorter periods.
  • Your highs aren’t as high as you are used to (less intense). 

What Are the Benefits of a Tolerance Break? 

Various benefits of taking a tolerance break are: 

  • You save money as you don’t use your products faster than usual when chasing a good high. 
  • A break helps minimize the risks of using too much THC and developing cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (abdominal pain and severe bouts of nausea and vomiting) or cannabis use disorder (unable to stop using weed). 
  • It increases the effectiveness of marijuana when you start using it again.

How Long Does a T-Break Take? 

[caption id="attachment_4409" align="alignright" width="700"]smoking weed for the first time If the high isn't what you are expecting, it may be time to take a THC tolerence break.[/caption]

When you develop a tolerance for weed, your body has become used to the effects. It happens over time with regular use, and how quickly you develop a THC tolerance depends on the following:

  • How often you use weed
  • The potency of the THC you use
  • How much you use
  • Your biology and body chemistry 

Since THC interacts with the cannabinoid type 1 receptors (CB1) in your brain, the receptors’ sensitivity decreases over time the more you use weed. Once you’ve developed a tolerance for THC, you need a break. 

But how long should the break last? 

One study found that you need to take a break of about four weeks so the CB1 receptor functioning can return to normal. However, another study concluded that you can take a short 48-hour break. This is enough time for the cannabinoid receptors to reset significantly. 

Ultimately, the length of the THC break depends on you. You’ll need to do some trial-and-error to see what’s the ideal break period for you. 

Other stoners recommend a three- to four-week break if you are a daily THC user, while a 10- to 14-day break may be good if you smoke weed a few days a week. A short two-day break could work if you use cannabis casually, since you’ll have a low tolerance.

How To Reset Your THC Tolerance

Some people find it pretty straightforward to take a break from THC, with no unwanted side effects, while others may experience some withdrawal symptoms, making the first few days a bit challenging. 

To take a break from THC, follow these steps: 

Before the Break: Things to Do 

  1. Decide for how long you want to take a cannabis break and choose a start date. Try picking a time when you aren’t too busy or have many commitments. 
  2. About a week or two before the break, start tapering your cannabis use. Cut back on the amount and/or frequency you consume. 
  3. Tell a trusted friend or family member about your break, so you have support and someone who can be there for you. 
  4. The day before the T-break starts, pack all your products away. (Out of sight helps with out of mind.) Even better, give your weed to a friend who can also be your accountability partner. 

During the T-Break: Things to Mind  

  1. Don’t microdose. You may think that just using a small dose of THC will help you get through the break more easily, but it won’t. It’ll disrupt the break and undo all the good the reset has done till now.  
  2. Follow through on good sleep hygiene: Have a routine before bedtime to help you unwind, eliminate screen time, and enjoy a cup of chamomile tea.  Insomnia may be a withdrawal symptom, so try to get some shut-eye by taking control of your sleeping habits.
  3. Eat regularly, even when you don’t have an appetite. Skipping meals can worsen cannabis withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, and irritability. (Hangry, anyone?) 
  4. When you have a cannabis craving, get active. Go for a run, create art, watch movies, take your dog for a walk, do the laundry, or reorganize your closets. 
  5. Notice patterns like a place, feeling, or time that triggers a craving. Try to avoid these by anticipating and preparing for a craving to hit. 
  6. Don’t overthink the craving. You just need to get through it. 
  7. Replace THC with CBD. A study on mice found that CBD might lessen the withdrawal symptoms when you take a THC break.     
  8. After the Break: Now What? 
  9. Treat yourself. You’ve made it through the THC break and are worthy of something nice. So spoil yourself and celebrate.

Increase Your THC Tolerance With a Break & Enjoy a Better High 

Are you ready for a THC break? Reset your THC tolerance with a complete reset now so you can go back to enjoying potent highs. 

Remember: There’s no one-size-fits-all T-break. You need to find what works best for you. 

Good luck!