Purple Weed Strains: Popular Purple Strains Reviewed

by jessie
Cookies and Purple Weed

Regardless of the strain, purple weed always draws a second look. Combining these eye-appealing purple hues with the desirable effects and flavors of the popular purple weed strains results in a family of delectable products.

One of the most well-known purple strains is GSC, also known as Girl Scout Cookies. It is an Indica-leaning hybrid produced by crossing two cannabis classics, Durban Poison and OG Kush. Sweet and aromatic, GSC typically has very high levels of THC. This award-winning strain comes in several variations including, Platinum, Thin Mint, and others.

The following, are some of our own purple products that we highly recommend!

Purple Gelato

A Bay Area native, this strain combines Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC for a sweet, earthy flavor and a pungent, fruity aroma. Although a hybrid, expect Purple Gelato to produce potent, relaxing Indica-leaning effects. Dark purple hues and contrasting oranges make this strain visually appealing and a conversation starter with your friends.

Purple Punch

An Indica cross between Grandaddy Purps and Larry OG, this is hybrid will ease your mind and body. Purple Punch radiates the sweet flavors and aromas you would expect from its name, blueberries, grapes, and sugary sweetness. Happy and euphoric, while relaxing and calming, this strain typically tests above 20% THC, so while it’s sweet and flavorful, it is also very potent.

Bloom Farms - Watermelon Cookies

Another GSC cross, this strain blends in the traits of Watermelon Kush to create a complex pallet for the discerning cannabis consumer. Fruity flavors and herbal aromas give way to just a hint of black pepper from the complex terpene profile provided by Bloom Farms Watermelon Cookies. Powerfully soothing and relaxing, this strain produces dense, large buds and high levels of THC.

Jetty - Granddaddy Purple Vape

Grand Daddy Purps is a classic strain from Northern California with a cult-like following. Consumers love the deep purple colors and the relaxing effects of this Indica strain in flower form. Still, as an extract, this pure Indica produces highly-potent oil that promises to help you wind down from a long day. As a full-spectrum extract, this product is cryo-extracted to preserve the full effect and flavors of the original plant.

Sublime Malibu Cookies Cart

If California had a taste, we’re sure it would be like Malibu Cookies from Sublime. The relaxing Indica vibes, blended with the sun-kissed citrus flavors, make this cartridge perfect for any outdoor adventure.  Whether you’re out for a hike, hitting the waves, or just relaxing on the beach, Malibu Cookies will set the ideal mood and leave you feeling happy, calm, and reflective.

As you can see, most of the purple cookies’ marijuana strain family leans toward the Indica side of the spectrum. However, many of these hybrids provide balanced effects that can enhance any activity. Whether you prefer the full-bodied effects and flavors of flower or the concentrated convenience offered by vape cartridges, Purple Cookies and its relatives are available through greenrush.

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